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Club History

Golden Valley Kite Fliers (GVKF) were formed in May 1993 to promote kite flying in North Gloucestershire. The club is open to members of all ages and we fly all types of kite. Children are welcome and catered for even if not active kite fliers.

In 1994, the club held its first Kite festival. This took place on Tewkesbury School playing field and became well known as the earwig festival due to a sudden infestation of earwigs. Since then we have held a festival every year.

In 1995, we founded South Western Kite Fliers with then the Bath Kite Society. This umbrella organisation enabled both clubs to provide better and more cost effective services to their members, as well as promoting contacts with other kite fliers.

In 1997, we twinned with Banlieue Sud Cerf-Volant a French Kite Club based in the small town of Saclay on the outskirts of Paris. We arranged trips to each other's festivals, at which we hold a friendly competition for a trophy and also meet up at other major events like Dieppe.

In 2001 GVKF's Adrian Welsh, a club member, was the sole UK representative at the Hong Kong International Kite Festival. Later in the year we took part in Light up the Sky for BBC Children in Need, holding an illuminated Kite Display and Sponsored Teddy Bear Parachuting at Tewkesbury in partnership with the Friends of Alderman Knight School and raised 232 for Children in Need.

The club has held numerous festivals every year since. The form of our festivals has been orientated around the kite flier first and foremost with flying demonstrations and competitions also taking place. The current form of festival is better known as a Kite Kamp and is now held in Cheltenham.

All GVKF festivals and kite Kamps have always been held over the fourth weekend of July where the kite flier and public are most welcome to attend.

As a club we have tried to help the community where ever we can

As a club we have tried to help the community where ever we can. This has taken various forms but all kite related. One local charity in particular, The James Hopkins Trust, which incidentally has a kite as its emblem, has benefitted from our efforts to the tune of over 1200. Whereas we have carried out kite workshops for various clubs such as the Scouts, Cubs, Beavers, Guides, Brownies and Rainbows, also Boys brigades, schools churches etc.

Within the club we hold our own workshops where we make club kites, tails, banners, bunting etc. The latest project being a wind bow . Since 2007 we have supported the Black elders in Gloucester celebrating Jamaica Day. Part of the event is to give various clubs a kite where they then decorating it ready for judging during the festival. During the day we hold a kite workshop for the children and give a kite flying demonstration.

Club Membership

If you are interested in joining the GVKF, please visit our Club Membership page.